We're Finday and we…

… envision a world where everyone tackles their finances with less friction

By putting Technology and intuitive Design, We create more inclusive Financial services

When it comes to financials systems, we used to run systems that are monolithic and rigid, expensive to run and complex to maintain and evolve.

We recognised the need for a new quality of technology built from the ground up. By lowering costs and enabling innovation we can bring truly useful services to more people. We knew it would take a different kind of company to make it happen, a new finance-as-a-service (FaaS) solution platform: Finday

Finday provides software and services for business and individuals to manage finances more effectively, beyond tax season

We are working on a number of things for both Individuals and Business, but we focus on building

  • Hasslefree Financial Services to everyone
  • Personal Financials portal
  • Bookkeeping software for Start-ups and Growing Businesses

Finday persistently rolls out new features, learns and iterates to ensure continuous innovation

We do not stop where we are. The transformative potential of Advanced technologies like Blockchain, AI and ML will change the infrastructure of financial services and we are writing the next chapter in FaaS history.

Beyond the initial focus on efficiency from digitisation, we envisage a world withinvestment opportunity for anyone. We will become accessible and investable for a much larger group of people.

We are still at the beginning of this movement and it is for us to shape and propel.

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Finday is a diverse group of people with curiosity and enthusiasm to create and learn every day

We apply our expertise and energy to build software and services that are useful, usable and used. From our early days we strive to fuse the expertise of Tax and accounting practitioners with the ingenuity of outstanding engineers. As an engineering driven company, we don’t shy away from hard problems and forthright debate to arrive at the ideal solution.

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